How do you take the No.1 eSports brand global?

With a website fit for champions.

One of the most fun things about tech is anticipating how and when a company is going to blow up. One day it’s business as usual, then suddenly, KABOOM!

Explosions rarely occur in a vacuum. They are the cumulative effect of thousands of consistently good micro-decisions, executed by a smart team over a given period of time. It’s a phenomenon that also goes by another name — karma.

Esports titans Fnatic have just secured 7million USD in their latest round of financing. The Fnatic banner now includes ten professional gaming teams and evidences how eSports companies, like most professional sports teams, are evolving into lifestyle brands.

Last year we worked with Fnatic to unveil Fnatic Gear, an exclusive range of branded peripherals, including headphones and professional-grade keyboards, with this Indiegogo campaign. Since then the brand have hit 1million Twitter followers, 400k Instagram followers (salute to our sister company OK COOL) and their eSports concept store, BUNKR, shares prime Shoreditch real estate with brands like APC, Aesop and Versace.


Well... causal, actually.

This year Fnatic and NEVERBLAND partnered again for Fnatic's full website relaunch.

“NEVERBLAND are the kings of UX/UI. They have a way of getting under the skin of the end users of a product and really getting to something which is both aesthetically beautiful and innovatively simple. Our site sets a new bar as to how sporting teams should present themselves.”

Wouter Sleijffers, CEO, Fnatic

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